Error Codes - 22006 and 15000 (Unable To Initialize Encoder On Your Server)

This is an issue on the host's computer (the person attempting to host a game). Below are the things that can cause it.

Almost 99% of 15000 errors are caused by having either an old, a low end or a cloud server GPU that does not support Parsec. The other 1% is caused by not updating your drivers, or using automatic methods instead of manually searching for drivers from, or If your graphics card does not support Parsec, you cannot host.

The host's graphics card doesn't support hosting

This is the most common cause. Check the compatibility list and ensure it is supported before trying anything else.

Drivers aren't up to date

Make sure to use the methods below to update your driver. Avoid using Windows' Device Manager or other automatic programs.


We highly recommend you avoid doing any automatic updates. Follow this tutorial:

  • Search for the CPU in this site through its search bar
  • Choose the most recent graphics driver that is listed for your operating system version
  • At the left, download and install the .exe file. Do NOT use the automatic updater
  • Restart the PC when done


If you get 'The driver being installed is not validated for this computer', download the zip instead in the same page and follow this tutorial (selecting igcc_dch.inf if you don't find the .inf the tutorial asks for).


The automatic updates from Geforce Experience usually work, but you might want to do a manual driver search on NVIDIA's site just to make sure the version is correct.


Get the updates from AMD's site.

AMD APUs: The host can't handle high resolutions

This is a limitation of some AMD APUs. The host can try to lower the resolution to 1280x800 or lower (through Windows' settings instead of Parsec's).

Something else is using the host's encoder

On the host, disable/close NVIDIA Shadowplay, Xbox DVR / Game bar, VNC or other game streaming apps and, then see if that fixed it.

Nvidia Shadowplay is an option in GeForce Experience marked "Share". If you do not have GeForce Experience, this does not apply to you. If you do not have the Share option, please re-check that your GPU is supported and update your drivers.

Xbox DVR is an option in the Windows settings app under the "Gaming" category, in "Captures". it is marked "Background recording".


Parsec is using the wrong graphics card

If your computer has two GPUs, such as one dedicated NVIDIA card that can't host and one integrated Intel GPU that can, you may have to switch to the other GPU to host.

Laptops on Desktop sharing (Computers tab)

This does not apply for laptops hosting from the computers tab that are getting error 15000. You should only look into this if the people connecting are currently getting error 14003.

Laptops on Arcade Beta

If your CPU's integrated graphics can host but your dedicated card can't, follow this article except set your game to integrated graphics instead of Parsec itself. Restart the game and try hosting again. Parsec will use whatever GPU the game is using on Arcade.

Desktop computers

Plug your monitor directly into the card that can host. If you want your CPU's integrated graphics to host for instance, plug your monitor into the motherboard.

Drivers are up to date but are broken

This is especially common with Intel's drivers. If you have the latest drivers, consider using Display Driver Uninstall to remove any traces of the current driver, then try reinstalling a current or slightly older driver.