Error Codes - 14 (Client Decoder Error)

This error means the device being used to join a Parsec stream is having issues handling the stream. There are multiple potential fixes, described below.


Issues with the N version of Windows

If you have Windows 10 N, you need to manually install the Media Feature Pack to use software decoding. See how to get the Media Feature Pack.


Issues when connecting to M1 Macs

If you're connecting to M1 Macs using an Intel client, that will not work correctly at the moment. You can change Parsec's settings > Client > Decoder to Software, which will work fine for now.



Lower the resolution of the host

Try lowering the resolution on the computer you're joining to 1920x1080 and try joining again. If that fails, try 1280x720 instead.

  • If you're joining your own computer hosted via the Computers tab, lower it in Parsec's settings > Host > Resolution


  • If you're joining a friend that is hosting via the Computers tab, ask the friend to lower it through Windows' display settings instead


  • If the game is being hosted on Arcade, the resolution is the size of the game window. If the game is in fullscreen, it will be the resolution of the display. Learn more


Update your drivers

Get the latest drivers for the graphics card of the machine you're using to join a computer. Search directly on NVIDIA, AMD or Intel's site for the GPU you have.


Linux: Get vdapu-vaapi

Download the vdapu-vaapi wrapper to enable hardware decoding. Read more about Parsec on Linux.


If everything else fails, use software decoding

If you're not on Android or Raspberry Pi, you can change Parsec's settings > Client > Decoder to Software.

This will allow Parsec to at least work, although with worse performance. If you're connecting to M1 Macs with Intel, that has issues currently and should run fine with software for now. If you have really old hardware (anything older than "Recommended" in the client requirements), this will be your only choice.