Managing The Settings For Your Connection To The Gaming PC

The Parsec Connection settings tab lets you modify how the Parsec Stream is displayed on your client computer.

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Decoder Mode

Specifies whether you want to use the hardware video decoder in your GPU (if available) or your CPU.  The hardware video decoder is generally faster and uses less power.

Windowed Mode

This lets you change between Full screen, Boarderless Windowed and Windowed mode when displaying your Parsec Stream.


This setting is available on Windows and lets you switch between OpenGL and DirectX (Default), generally speaking, DirectX is recommended. macOS lets you switch between Metal and openGL. We recommend openGL on new hardware.


VSYNC on reduces tearing and reduces video jitter, but will increase your input latency.

Immersive Mode

This setting allows you to send commands like ALT-TAB to your host computer.  It can be toggled on and off mid stream by pressing CTRL+ALT+I on your client.


This sets whether or not the Parsec stream settings button will be visible when you connect to your host computer.