Setting Up Parsec On macOS

This article goes over using Parsec for joining another computer. Parsec is supported on macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or greater and requires Metal support. Parsec does not support case-sensitive file systems.


Hosting with macOS (preview)

See this separate article for how to use the macOS hosting preview.


Joining another computer with macOS


  • Launch Parsec from your Applications folder and log in or create your account


  • Add a friend via the sidebar, or login with the same account on another computer that can host, then click "Connect" on your Mac to join that computer. See this article for more details



Other tips

  • macOS by default supports official Bluetooth Xbox One, PS4, Xbox One Series S/X, PS5 and Made For Apple controllers only. If you've tried your Bluetooth controller and it doesn't work with macOS, but it is an official first party controller as mentioned above, Apple recommends upgrading to the latest version of macOS
  • When you're connecting to your own computer, you'll have full permissions. If you're joining a friend, they need to manually give you keyboard and mouse permissions in case you want to use that
  • Quitting the Parsec Application during the stream requires you to follow the standard quitting shortcut (Command + Q)
  • Mac function keys may not interact with the gaming PC as expected. You'll need to change the default behavior of your Apple keyboard to pass these hotkeys. Apple provides a great tutorial on changing these