My Payment Wasn't Accepted - What Do I Do Now?

We use Stripe for all credit card processing and management. We never touch your credit card information. We believe this makes your personal information safer as well as protects Parsec from fraud.

We use very strict fraud detection from Stripe. They check against many different things, including fraudulent activity across the thousands of websites their credit card processing system is used on.

If Stripe determines that your credit card or purchase attempt resembles fraud or is fraudulent, you will be blocked from purchasing credits - sorry. Unfortunately, as a company doing business online, we have to be wary of fraud. It's just a fact of doing business. We don't make any money on the cloud gaming rigs you rent from us, so we have to be especially careful to protect ourselves from losing too much money. This results in a lot of false positive fraud detection, but we'd rather have that then incur fraud. It's very expensive to our business.

If you think it was a mistake, please wait 24 hours and try again.

Of course, the other form of rejection is one from your bank. If your bank tells Stripe that your account doesn't have proper funds for your purchase, you'll be rejected as well.