Interpreting The Parsec Console Outputs

You can access the Parsec console for diagnostics on the Parsec stream at any time. Once you click on the console, you'll see this dialogue box. It can reveal some interesting information about the quality of your streaming experience.

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"I've been asked for my console log, how do I do that?"

You might be asked to share the logs via tickets or the Discord server for troubleshooting.

The logs needed are usually the ones from whoever is hosting (unless asked otherwise). While the client is connected, put in a video or a game that is visually active for a few minutes to generate some useful logs. To share it:

  • Copy the host's log using copy to clipboard
  • Put it in pastebin with Ctrl+V
  • Set it to unlisted and hit Create New Paste
  • Copy the URL from your browser and share it with whoever asked (preferably in private messages if you're in the Discord server)

What these lines mean;


FPS is somewhat self explanatory, but it's the current frames per second that Parsec is sending. Parsec does not send frames when the screen isn't changing. This helps us save bandwidth.

You should see the FPS value go up to about your display's refresh rate, or your encoder_fps advanced setting if you've set that. You can test this by going into a game with a free camera and moving it around quickly.

If it doesn't reach the FPS you're expecting, then encoder_fps may need to be set, or there may be a bug which you can let us know about on our Discord.