How To Use Parsec On Low Bandwidth Connections

Parsec is optimized for higher bandwidth connections. We know that those high bandwidth connections aren't available everywhere. Unfortunately, with the technology we currently provide, low bandwidth connections can be a bit tricky - buffering would be nice, but we can't add that due to the additional lag.

Once you connect to your hosting computer, click the gear icon in the bottom left corner by your username and open host settings. Once there, lower your upload bandwidth.

Annotation on 2020-01-10 at 14-32-20.png

  • On the bandwidth limit, set it to 5 Mbps or whatever value you think is slightly less than the maximum you have have available.
  • Lower your resolution to reduce the video quality.
  • If you have a really poor connection, you can also lower the frame rate of the stream to 30 FPS via advanced settings.

If you cannot get the bandwidth low enough for your connection, we're sorry. We are striving to make Parsec consume less bandwidth and continue to improve our algorithms to do so. We hope you'll try again later.