Error Codes - 12007 (The Network Connection On Your Client Computer Was Cutoff)

The 12007 errors are typically the result of a bad network situation on the client-side. Essentially, this error is saying the UDP connection was cutoff. This can happen for many reasons:

  • There wasn't enough bandwidth available and too many packets piled up in the network waiting to get to the client. 
  • You or your cat unplugged your internet. Don't do that please. We give your internet 60 seconds to reconnect by default on the same IP address. Sometimes, your router doesn't do that and chooses a new IP address for your computer.
  • The client crashed. Please take a look at the subsequent error codes in your client console to see if there's another explanation beyond networking. That error code is likely in another article on the FAQ.
  • This can also happen when the server crashes. If the server crashes, sometimes the client will think that it should hangup the connection and report a networking error.