Using Parsec With other Linux Distros

Parsec officially supports Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Desktop. It will also probably work on other Debian Distros, but we haven't tested this thoroughly and do not officially support it.

These are third party conversions of Parsec created by our community and are to be installed at your own risk.  


This AUR conversion is provided by Sdellysse and E5ten and is available here.

OpenSUSE and Fedora

This conversion is provided by Parsec user Kozova1, who has created a project that will in one line convert Parsec to a RPM package using Alien.  Copy the below line into terminal.

wget ; bash parsec-fedora

See the github source here


A Void package is also available here.

Other distributions

If the .deb package does not work on your distribution, you should be able to convert it to a .rpm using "Alien".

Here is a list of dependencies that Parsec depends on besides the C/C++ standard library;

  • (or 1.1)