Error Codes - 6101 (Your Network Is Blocking a Connection to Parsec)

Error -6101 is generated when your computer is unable to communicate with our authentication servers. There are three reasons for why this could be happening:

  • Your workplace or school IT Staff are blocking our app from talking to our servers using TCP Port 443. (If you're IT, we have a page listing Parsec's connectivity requirements)
  • You are at home or connected to a non-restricted internet connection, and Parsec's authentication server is undergoing a temporary outage. You can check to confirm whether there are issues on Parsec's side, and get further updates and information around the issue
  • Your network is generally being questionable at the moment and is having trouble talking to our servers, while it is fully up and working for other users. Try using Parsec at a later time and confirm if the issue persists. If this issue does not go away, consider trying to restart your router, or contact your internet provider