Black Screen Showing While I Hear Sound and Can See Mouse

In some cases, you may get a black screen when connecting to a computer, and you may be able to hear sound or see the mouse. Here are some things you can look into.


Arcade Beta issues

Some games on Arcade Beta do not work well yet. The person hosting the game can look into the Arcade issues article.


Issues with NVIDIA graphics

If your computer has an NVIDIA graphics card, try to change your decoder setting to something else in the Parsec settings, in the Client tab.


An error eventually shows up after the black screen

You should click "Read more" next to the error message, and learn more about the error.


You're joining using the web app

Try the native application for your operating system instead. You can download Parsec from here.


The PC you're joining has no monitor or it's turned off

Parsec needs a display to be able to capture it, and it must be on currently. Check that computer physically and make sure that the screen is not turned off. If your laptop's tray is closed for example, the screen is automatically turned off and Parsec will not have a display.

You can upgrade to Warp to unlock virtual displays in Parsec's host settings that allows you to create up to two virtual monitors. Parsec Warp also includes Privacy Mode, which automatically turns off your physical monitors when enabled to keep what's on your screen private. Virtual Monitors and Privacy Mode are also available in our commercial product, Parsec for Teams.

Alternatively, you can purchase a HDMI dongle to generate a monitor, (we recommend this one). Using an HDMI Dongle can be problematic if you also plan to physically use this host machine, as while the headless hdmi dongle is plugged in, you will have an invisible monitor at all times. On QUADRO or TESLA graphics you might be able to simulate an EDID via NVIDIA Control Panel.


Your game launched in fullscreen mode

If your game launched in fullscreen, Parsec may be set at a different resolution than the one the game believes is fullscreen on your computer, causing a black screen. You can either fix this by directly forcing the game into Windowed Mode in its configuration file, which you may find in your documents folder, or by searching up about it online.

Some games will switch to Windowed Mode if you press the Windows key + D. You'll need to make sure Parsec's immersive mode is on, which you can turn on via the hotkey combination of Ctrl + Shift + I.


The wrong monitor is being streamed

If the computer you're joining has multiple monitors, Parsec may be choosing the wrong monitor to stream. This might cause a black screen if that monitor is not plugged into your GPU directly. You can switch your monitor quickly via Parsec's settings on the host, or you can use the Windows key + P and press the down arrow twice to duplicate all displays. Make sure you have the Parsec Immersive Mode setting on using the hotkey combination of Ctrl + Alt + I.