Unable To See a Computer in the Computers Tab

If you have a computer that supports hosting, it'll show up in the list of computers on Parsec. The current computer will have a 'Share' button. Other computers will show up with a 'Connect' button. If this is not the case for a specific computer, check why this could be further below.



Valid scenarios where it should show up

The computer you're looking for in the list must:

  • Run Windows 10 or newer, or macOS 10.15 or newer
  • Use the installed version of Parsec from the downloads page instead of the web app
  • For computers other than the one you're using right now, it should either be logged in with the same Parsec account as you, or be from a friend that added you on Parsec, or in the case of Parsec for Teams customers, be assigned to your account in the Teams panel


What to do if it doesn't show up anyway

Open the Parsec settings on the machine that refuses to show in the list and go into the 'Host' tab, then turn 'Hosting Enabled' off and on again. Once that is done, check the Computers tab again and click 'Refresh'.

If the issue persists, confirm you aren't observing errors popping up at the top of your interface from time to time. You can also click the 'Help' icon in the left, then click 'Console'. If you observe a line in the console with error -6101, similar to * signal_thread[546] = -6101, this computer is having trouble talking to Parsec's servers at the moment. Check the -6101 article for more information.