Errors and Issues When Hosting With Arcade Beta

Arcade is currently in beta, which means bugs are to be expected. You may get undocumented errors (14XX and 15XX), black screen, crashes, various video and audio glitches, or games not showing in the hosting list.

Games aren't guaranteed to work correctly on Arcade currently, and whether they work will vary considerably based on your hardware and configuration. This article contains some tips that may fix your issues, but in case you are not satisfied with how Arcade is working with a specific game, please consider using the Computers tab in the meantime, which should be much more reliable.

Also, UWP games from the Microsoft Store, and any games using DirectX 12 or Vulkan are completely unsupported at the moment. Your game must use OpenGL, DirectX 9 or 11.


What to check when I'm having issues?

The person hosting the game can try a few things below. If you're just a guest, warn the host if possible or try joining another game.

  • Make sure to restart the game and Parsec in the tray bar before each hosting attempt
  • Run the game in windowed mode before attempting to host
  • Check if Parsec is lacking needed permissions
  • Make sure that your game isn't running as administrator, as it'll otherwise not show up as a hosting option or will fail with an error. Steam should also not run as administrator, because otherwise it will elevate your games as well
  • Some programs that interact with the game files or produce an in-game overlay (ignoring Steam) may prevent Parsec from hosting correctly, such as MSIAfterburner, Rivatuner, OBS (using game capture mode), or similar. Try disabling overlays or closing the programs before starting the game and attempting to host
  • If you have OBS open, do not capture the game using game capture mode. Try window capture instead, or full display capture. Restart the game after making this change
  • If your game has Easy Anti-Cheat (a popular example being Dragon Ball FighterZ) that may prevent it from showing up as a hosting option. If you're trying to host it, search up how to disable Easy Anti-Cheat for it
  • If you're trying to run FIFA 20 or newer, those games use DirectX 12 by default, which isn't yet supported. You can manually tweak its settings to use a supported renderer
  • In case you're running an emulator, these usually have different renderer options. Use either OpenGL, DirectX 9 or 11. This may or may not be an option in normal games too
    • CemuOptions > General settings > Graphics > Graphics API: OpenGL
    • Dolphin: Options > Graphics Settings > Renderer: Direct3D 11
    • PCSX2: Config > Video > Plugin Settings > Renderer: Try Direct3D 11 or OpenGL
    • Project64Ctrl + T > Plugins > Video plugin: Glide64
    • RPCS3: Configuration > GPU > Renderer: OpenGL. Some settings in the same place like 'Multithreaded RSX' may need to be disabled and 'Strict Rendering' may need to be enabled so Arcade works
    • Yuzu: Emulation > Configure > Graphics > API: OpenGL
    • Retroarch: Settings > Video > Output > Video: gl
  • Some emulators have additional audio options that may fix broken audio with it
    • Cemu: In Options > General settings > Audio, disable the gamepad sound and keep only the TV sound enabled
    • Snes9x: In Alt + T > Sound Driver, select WaveOut


What if I'm still having issues?

Not everything is yet fixable in Arcade Beta. In case you are not satisfied with how a specific game is working, consider using the Computers tab in the meantime, which should be much more reliable.

  • Play with friends: Add yourselves with the Friends icon in the left sidebar. People can join a friend who is willing to host a game by clicking Connect in the Computers tab
  • Get a quick link: Send a link to anyone by clicking Share in the Computers tab. You can share this on the #arcade channel in the Parsec Discord server to get some people to play with