Overriding Local Configuration Options With The Admin Panel And Registry Keys

The Parsec administrative panel gives Team Owners the ability to override application settings from the dashboard.

Show Arcade

This is OFF by default. No one on your team will see the Parsec Arcade.

Show friends

This is ON by default. Your team will be able to use friends for collaboration. They can share their workstations with each other (as long as they're in the same group or have inter-group connection permissions) whenever the inspiration strikes to collaborate.

Host Privacy Mode

This is OFF by default and requires virtual monitors to be installed and enabled. This will blank all physical monitors and rely on the host's virtual monitors. When the connection ends, the host computer will lock. For Privacy Mode to work, the workstation must have installed the Virtual Monitor Drivers. More information here.

Virtual Monitors

This is OFF by default. Parsec can now use virtual monitors. This allows you to unplug all of the monitors or HDMI dongles attached to computers in the office. For this to work, each computer must have the Parsec virtual monitor display driver installed. Once it's installed, your team will be able to use up to 2 virtual monitors while connected. More information is available here.

Gateway Server

This is OFF by default. After setting up the Parsec Gateway Server (more information available here), you can add up to 10 gateway servers for computers at your office to register with in hosting mode. Include a comma separated list of IP ADDRESS:PORT. For example:,,....

Watermark stream

This is OFF by default. You can define an arbitrary text string to appear in the bottom left corner of the client on every connection using Parsec. 

Team websocket

This is OFF by default. Parsec supports a Team-specific API endpoint. Why would you need that? Well, some people in your company might be using the Parsec consumer application without you knowing it. If they're doing that, they're not subject to all of the extra security functionality built into Parsec for Teams (like Groups, SAML, app configurations, and more). You can whitelist the Parsec Team-specific API endpoint in your firewall and block the regular Parsec API (kessel-ws.parsecgaming.com). 

Other settings not available here

You can override local settings through Group Policies and registry key changes.

You can apply settings configuration policies to the Parsec app via the Windows Registry. Configuration settings policy applied via the Registry will override any user configuration done in the Parsec settings UX, or in the configuration file (config.txt).

Create a String Value named "Configuration" in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Parsec Registry Key. You may need to create that file if you haven't done so in the past.

The value data will be based on the configuration options you select, the configuration values should be colon(:) separated.

An example sets the connection to use a maximum of 15Mbps, and default to using H265 video codec when possible. It also hides the Parsec Arcade and Friends List from the Parsec App.   Just note that setting this does not disable the Arcade or Friends list functionality at an account level, but rather just hides those features from the Parsec UI on the computer the policy was configured on.

Annotation on 2020-09-09 at 06-50-13.png

In order for the configuration policy to apply, the Parsec app must be restarted.  You can validate the policy by viewing the settings section of the Parsec app.  Your users will also be able to see which settings are applied by policy and cannot be changed.

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You can also add these Windows Registry settings by creating a .reg file, with the contents like this.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



You can apply additional settings to hide app functionality such as the Parsec Arcade and Friends.

You can view advanced configuration settings here.

To make your life easier, here are some settings you may be interested in.

Set the connection bandwidth limit to 15Mbps:

Disable hosting on a computer:

Set the max concurrent connections per computer:

Set the Parsec computer name:

Set the first UDP port the Parsec app will try use when a connection is initialized to this computer: