Recommended Settings for Programming and Writing

Parsec for Teams connects people to their workstations so they can collaborate,  multitask, and even test their work without skipping a beat. Programmers and anyone working in an IDE or Word need crisp text  and great color so they can focus on building amazing stuff. Here’s every setting you need  to make that happen.

Constant FPS Mode
Recommended Setting: On

Fix the frame rate of a stream (usually 60FPS). Static screens, images, and documents maintain crisp details even when they aren’t in motion.

When your primarily working with text documents, plan to have Constant FPS mode enabled and switched off when playing video, or interacting with a 3D graphics.

4:4:4 Color Mode
Recommended Setting: On

Removes color subsampling from your stream to improve color fidelity across the board. It benefits developers by improving the fidelity of contrasting colors, especially in text editors.

It’s only available on hosts with NVIDIA GPUs running GTX 1000/1600 and RTX 2000/3000 and their respective Quadro equivalents, and Intel integrated graphics with Ice Lake, Tiger Lake (11th gen) or newer.

Bandwidth Limit
Recommended Setting: 25Mbps

Adjusting bandwidth is one of the best ways to increase video  fidelity. Parsec defaults to 10Mbps, but with speedy internet, adjusting up to 25-30Mbps can help quite a bit. You can also reduce your bandwidth usage by selecting H.265 as your preferred codec.

Dual Stream Settings
Recommended Setting: One for text, one for everything else

Run up to two Parsec streams at the same time, simulating multiple monitors. Each carries its own unique video settings.

Use one for programming or writing with Constant FPS and 4:4:4 enabled, and one for testing, video, and multimedia, turning Constant FPS off.

Fig 1: “The Text” Presets - Enable all of these settings for an ideal experience writing code, developing software, and working with text-based work. Turn off  Constant FPS when interacting with multimedia.