Recommended Settings for Video Editing, VFX, and Post-Production

Parsec for Teams makes remote video editing easy. Editors need a seamless experience, with perfect graphics, precise inputs, and a stable connection. We’ve got the settings that’ll be perfect for your work.

This video is specifically geared to artists, but many of the settings are valuable for video editing, VFX, and post-production too.

Constant FPS Mode
Recommended Setting: Off

Fix the frame rate of a stream (usually 60FPS). Static screens, images, and documents maintain crisp details when not in motion.

Video editors using Parsec should plan to have Constant FPS disabled most of the time, but can toggle it on when fine detail and text rendition is important, such as when working with titles. This setting can be toggled on and off in real-time as needed.

4:4:4 Color Mode
Recommended Setting: On when color accuracy matters; Off otherwise

Removes color (chroma) subsampling from your stream to improve color fidelity across the board. It's great for precise colors, but may add some latency and extra load on some clients with hardware older than a GTX 1600 series, or Intel 11th gen. This can be enabled for one monitor and not the other(s).

It’s only available on hosts with NVIDIA GPUs running GTX 1000/1600 and RTX 2000/3000 and their respective Quadro equivalents, and Intel integrated graphics with Ice Lake, Tiger Lake (11th gen) or newer.

Like Constant FPS, this setting can be toggled on and off in real-time as needed.

Bandwidth Limit
Recommended Setting: 25Mbps

Adjusting bandwidth is one of the best ways to increase video fidelity. Parsec defaults to 10Mbps, but with speedy internet, adjusting up to 25-30Mbps can help quite a bit. You can also reduce your bandwidth usage, or improve quality with bandwidth remaining constant, by selecting H.265 as your preferred codec.

Frame Rate Setting
Recommended Setting: 60FPS (default), but it's adjustable up to 240FPS

Adjust frame rate directly in “Host Settings”, all the way up to 240FPS. Setting this will set the max frame rate Parsec will capture.

Approved Apps
Recommended Setting: Use it if you're inviting clients to join your computer so that their view is only active when the NLE (or other desired application) is in focus.

In Settings, manage what apps are viewable to connected guests.

These Apps? Approved - Only approve the apps that you want guests to be able to see.