Recommended Settings for Collaborating with Teammates

Parsec for Teams can help recreate the experience of standing next to someone’s desk, giving feedback, and helping work through a problem together. There are a number of best practices to have that kind of seamless experience.

One Link, One Session

Hit “Share” on your computer, and Parsec generates a link. That link only works for a single session; you’ll have to reshare or regenerate it the next time you want a colleague to connect.

Fig 1: That link, that's the secret to inviting a co-worker to collaborate

Name Your Computer

A simple name goes a long way: choose a descriptive, standard naming system for your team’s computers so you know who you’re connecting to at a glance. You can change the name of your computer in the host settings.

Fig 1: A well named computer perfect for sharing

Use “Friends” to Stay Connected

If your organization allows it, Parsec’s Friend system lets colleagues request access to your computer on the fly. In the “Friends” tab, send a request by typing in a username of a co-worker. They have to accept your request before you can become official.

Exclusive Input Mode
Recommended Setting: On

If you have multiple folks connecting to your computer and want to pass control easily, turn on Exclusive Input Mode in your host settings. Take back control at anytime by just moving your mouse.

Approved Apps
Recommended Setting: Use it if you're inviting guests to join your computer

In Settings, manage what apps are accessible to connected testers. Perfect when testing a single game or protecting something confidential.

These Apps? Approved - Only approve the apps you want testers to be able  to see and interact with