Connect to the Log On Screen in Windows

When installing Parsec, you can select the "Shared" installation method to allow access on the Windows login screen. This option will also use the same Parsec account for all users on this computer.


If you're using the command line to install, include the flag /shared (e.g. parsec-windows.exe /shared).


Old method (Machine Level User)

The new Shared installation method shown above replaces the "Machine Level User" option in the host settings. If you've previously had this enabled, it will still work on your machine, otherwise, we recommend you reinstall Parsec as a Shared installation.



Important notes

  • Parsec won't start if your Parsec login is invalid, such as if your password was changed.
  • Parsec will start with the Parsec user account of the user who is currently logged in to the Parsec app, in the Windows user profile that was in use when the setting is enabled.
    • If you enable the Machine Level User setting, but intend to log into multiple Windows user accounts that each have their own unique Parsec account logged in, things may not work as intended
    • We do not recommend enabling this setting if you share this computer with other Windows users who have their own Parsec accounts set up on their Windows user profile - instead, you should use RDP to log in to your Windows user profile, then start Parsec