Connect to the Log On Screen in Windows

Machine level user allows you to set Parsec to start up when the computer starts, before the Windows log on screen.

You can enable this setting at the bottom of Host settings of your Parsec app.


Important Notes

  1. You can also enable this feature directly in the registry by adding a registry string value to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Parsec" with the name of "MLU_APPDATA" and the value of "C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming" with username equaling the Windows user who has a valid Parsec login that you wish to start when the computer starts.
  2. Machine Level User requires administrator privileges to enable.
  3. Parsec won't start if your Parsec login is invalid, such as if your password was changed.
  4. Parsec will start with the Parsec user account of the user who is currently logged in to the Parsec app, in the Windows user profile that was in use when the setting is enabled.
    • If you enable the machine level user setting, but intend to log into multiple Windows user accounts that each have their own unique Parsec account logged in, things may not work as intended.
    • We do not recommend enabling this setting if you share this computer with other Windows users who have their own Parsec accounts set up on their Windows user profile - instead, you should use RDP to log in to your Windows user profile, then start Parsec.
  5. If the Parsec app fails to start on the host, and you notice -18000 errors being displayed on the host desktop, please reinstall Parsec from