Cloud Workstation Setup Guide


We have scripts available to make this process easier here!

AWS Marketplace Listing:

AMI Usage Instructions:

Please also read our Team Computers docs here. Team Computers allows you to automate the process of authenticating the cloud workstation to your Team and allows you to manage access to the cloud workstation via the Parsec for Teams web management panel.

We highly recommend you familiarize yourself with the Cloud Preparation Tool on GitHub and the Team Computers docs before proceeding. They automate most of this process; the below is mostly for reference.

Selecting an Instance

Server 2016
Server 2019
AWS G3.4xLarge (Tesla M60)
AWS G2.2xLarge (GRID K520)
AWS G4dn.xLarge (Tesla T4 with vGaming driver)
Azure NV6 (Tesla M60)
Paperspace P4000 (Quadro P4000)
Paperspace P5000 (Quadro P5000)
Google P100 VW (Tesla P100 with Virtual Workstation Driver)
Google P4 VW (Tesla P4 with Virtual Workstation Driver)
Google T4 VW (Tesla T4 with Virtual Workstation Driver)


Note: driver installation methods can vary wildly across different cloud providers; some rely on installing a driver from a private S3 bucket, others from a support site via direct link, some require registry changes, and some require nvidia-smi changes. It's best to reference the script and github linked above, or follow the guide published by your cloud provider of choice.


Other Providers

Must support running in WDDM mode and must be able to virtualize the display output (Instances with V100 and K80 for example do not support this).

NVIDIA GTX Cards in hosting providers are not supported unless they have a headless dongle installed or you use our Virtual Display Driver.


Please follow your organization's best practices for configuring and securing your cloud workstation's connectivity.

If you are looking for a quick and dirty test environment:

Assign a static public IP or dynamic public IP address and allow all traffic outbound through your cloud provider's firewall.

If you prefer to lock it down, allow UDP ports 8000-8011 outbound and HTTPS. If you do this, your client's router/firewall should support UPnP for best results.

Paperspace needs a static IP purchased as by default the instances are behind NAT.


RDP Into The Machine And Install Parsec

When you create the machine, you should create a Key Pair in AWS or grab the Windows administrator password provided by your cloud provider. 


Setting Up Nvidia Graphics

It's important you follow the cloud providers documentation when setting up the instance, typically most GPU instance types require you to use a "GRID Virtual Workstation" or "vGaming" licensed version of the driver which allows resolutions up to 3840x2160 and Quadro Workstation features, and it's also critical that the GPU operates in WDDM mode (rather than TCC).

Setting Up Sound

Cloud machines typically do not include an audio output device, thus there is no sound.  You must install a Virtual Audio Cable style driver application in order to make a virtual sound device.


Parsec and RDP

After initially setting up the instance with RDP, we do not recommend using RDP and Parsec in succession or combination with each other.


Other Cloud Providers

Other cloud providers or instance types may work with Parsec, but we do not validate Parsec on them.