Feature Matrix

This page details the features each operating system supports with Parsec, whether you plan to use it to connect or host.

Client Feature Matrix

Below is what each platform supports in terms of features, for when you're joining a computer on Parsec.

Feature Windows macOS Ubuntu Android Web (Chromium)
H.264 Decode¹
H.265 Decode¹
4:4:4 Decode¹ ²
Switch Screens
Extra Screens²
Enhanced Pen²
DS4 Touchpad

¹ You can use both hardware and software mode. Hardware support will depend on the device's video decoder to work
² This feature also requires Warp or Teams


Host Feature Matrix

Here's what to expect when you're hosting a computer to someone. Read the dedicated macOS article for more information about macOS.

Feature Windows macOS
Multi-monitor streaming
Virtual monitors
Access to logon screen
Compatible with Parsec Relay Server
Automatic app crash recovery
Programmatic silent installation
Privacy mode
Connect using Chromium based browsers (parsec.app)
Pen support
Link sharing
Team computers Only available via GUI, not CLI
H.265 streaming
Adjustable resolution Only adjustable from macOS settings
4:4:4 color mode
Audio streaming Parsec Audio Capture Driver required to stream audio
Gamepad support
HTTP(S) Proxy support