Global App Settings

Global App Settings

Global app settings enable administrators to configure and enforce a variety of Parsec settings on your team's computers.

App configurations define the default app settings for all users and groups in your team. Everything that you configure here will be used as the default for every new group you create in Group Management.

Configure global app settings

To configure global app settings, navigate to the Global App Settings tab.


Available global app settings

  • Show Arcade
    • This will show Arcade in the menu, making it accessible to all team members.
  • Show Friends
    • This will show Friends in the menu, making it accessible to all team members.
  • Watermark Stream
    • When set, this text shows up on top of the stream in the bottom left corner. Whitespace is not supported- use dash or underscore instead.
  • Use Team Websocket
    • Use a custom websocket endpoint so you can block use of the consumer version of Parsec inside your firewall.
  • Allow copy and paste
    • When disabled, users can't use copy/paste between a client and a host. Please note that copy/paste capabilities only extend to text. Images and files can never be copied/pasted between clients and hosts through a Parsec session.
  • Allow Logout on Team Computers
    • When turned off, the logout button in Parsec is disabled on Team Computers, preventing users from unintentionally deprovisioning the computer.
  • Host Privacy Mode
    • When enabled, all physical monitors attached to the host machine shut off during connections. This feature is only available when using Host Virtual Monitors.
  • Host Virtual Monitors
    • Beta- we do not recommend automatic rollout without internal testing first. Add virtual displays to the host during connections (max 3). This feature requires the Parsec Virtual Display Driver (VDD) to be installed on the host.
  • High Performance Relay Server
    • A high performance relay that relays many simultaneous Parsec connections through a single host address/port configuration. If more than one is provided, the one with the lowest latency from the host you are connecting to will be used.

Override global app settings per group

Global app settings can be overridden if your organization requires different app settings for certain groups. To configure group specific app settings, please reference the Groups article. If there are no group specific settings configured, global app settings will be applied by default.