Install Parsec App on Linux

This article covers installation and basic usage of the Parsec app on Ubuntu. We do not support hosting on Linux systems, you can only use it to connect to other devices.



We currently explicitly support Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Other distros or newer versions of Ubuntu may also work, but there are no guarantees. For information about hardware compatibility, see our hardware and software compatibility page.

Important note: Parsec is undergoing a transition from libva to FFmpeg. Hardware decoding is currently unavailable, but the intention is to bring it back eventually. At the moment you will be able to connect to streams with the slower software decode, using FFmpeg 4 (libavcodec58).




  • Once the installation is complete, a 'Remove' or trash button will be displayed. You can close the window



Logging in and connecting

  • Launch Parsec from the Applications launcher



  • Add a friend via the sidebar, or login with the same account on another computer that can host, then click "Connect" on your local Linux computer to join the host computer.