Install Parsec App on Windows

This article covers installation and basic configuration of the Parsec app on a computer running Microsoft Windows.


Parsec is available for Windows 10 or newer. Some specific hardware is required depending on whether you want to join or host a computer, check our hardware and software requirements for more information.



  • Select the additional components you want installed (if any), then click 'Next'
    • Virtual Display Driver: This driver is used to create virtual displays on the host, useful for headless systems. This can alternatively be installed later in the Parsec settings


  • Select your preferred install type and click 'Next'
    • "Per User" will use different accounts for each user and won't start Parsec until you log into Windows
    • "Shared" will allow access on the Windows login screen but will also use the same account (SYSTEM) for all users on the computer. If any other users previously installed Parsec on this computer as 'Per User', keep in mind this will replace their install
    • For both options, Parsec won't start with the system if you disabled "Run when computer starts" in Parsec's tray icon in the taskbar, or if your Parsec login is invalid (such as when your password is changed)


  • Parsec will begin installation, and will automatically close the installer and open Parsec once complete

Logging in and connecting

  • Launch Parsec from the icon in your desktop or start menu
  • Log in or create an account if you haven't already


  • Add a friend via the sidebar, or login with the same account on another computer that can host, then click 'Connect' on your local Windows computer to join the host computer. Learn more



Hosting on Windows

Hosting is enabled by default on Windows systems, and will allow you to join this computer in case it supports hosting. It can however be turned off or back on with these steps:

  • Open your Parsec settings on the host by clicking the 'Settings' cog
  • Click the 'Host' tab
  • Find 'Hosting Enabled' and change it to your preferred option



Other tips