Hosting and Permissions

As high performance, low cost video processing chips were introduced, it became clear that delivering video over the internet at extremely low latencies was possible. Since then, it has been our obsession to perfect peer-to-peer, low latency game streaming over a wide area network. This guide goes over how you can get started with our low latency game streaming tech, whether you want to play with friends or connect to your own machines remotely.


Overview: Using the Computers tab


This mode shares the whole desktop and is a very reliable way of playing games or doing generally anything in low latency, with a controller, mouse or keyboard. You can remotely connect to your computer, or let friends join to play split-screen games with a controller, and manually give some people access to keyboard and mouse if you wish.


Host a desktop session

Use either of the methods below. If you're not joining a computer you own, you will need to approve people's connections on the host from the Parsec app, or by pressing Ctrl+F1. Once people join, start up a game and play!

  • Play with friends: Add friends using the friends icon in the sidebar. People can join someone that is willing to host by clicking 'Connect' in the Computers tab


  • Get a quick link: Click the Share button in the host computer to get a link you can share around. People can paste this link in the bottom-right section in Parsec to join. Please note you'll need to accept the connection request to begin the session.


  • Join yourself: Login to both the host and client computers with your credentials. Click 'Connect' on your host computer in the Parsec app on your client computer.

How permissions work

By default, guests only have controller permissions, while the owner has full permissions. If guests need additional permissions, the person hosting the game needs to manually give keyboard and mouse permissions by clicking the profile picture of a guest at the bottom of Parsec.

If you want to make sure people can only interact with the game, the host can also use Approved apps in Parsec's 'Settings' > 'Approved apps' tab, which will freeze the whole screen and prevent the guest's controller, keyboard and mouse from working whenever the host isn't in a game that has been approved.

Also keep in mind that the host can kick everyone from the stream at any time if needed by pressing Ctrl+F3.

Accepting or rejecting a connection

In cases where you're trying to join a host computer you do not own, the host will need to click 'Accept' for a connection to be made, or press Ctrl+F1. If the host does not accept or reject the connection request, it will automatically be rejected.