Overview, Prerequisites and Installation


The Virtual Display Driver (VDD)is required to enable virtual displays on a Windows host. Virtual displays is a feature available for Teams and Warp customers that lets you add up to 3 additional virtual displays to the host while connecting to a machine you own through Parsec. This driver cannot be used to create persistent virtual displays. Virtual displays are only created under certain circumstances for Parsec sessions explicitly. If you are a Warp customer, you will need to connect to your host using the same account to leverage virtual displays. Virtual displays can be leveraged by group members and computer owners (assigned people) if you are a Teams customer.


Operating system Minimum version
Windows 10 1607
Windows server 2019


Follow the steps below to install the VDD. This article assumes that the VDD is not currently installed:

  1. In the 'Host' tab of the Parsec app settings, scroll down to 'Virtual Displays'.
  2. Click 'Download Parsec Virtual Display Driver v'n'
  3. Your default browser will be used to download the VDD installer.
  4. Double click the VDD installer to run. 
  5. Click 'Done' after installation is complete.
  6. Enable virtual displays.