VDD Troubleshooting

No displays or blank virtual display

This is assuming you are a Teams or Warp customer and have confirmed that you're connecting to your host computer using the same account, as the owner, or are allowed to connect via group membership. If you are experiencing issues with your virtual displays including but not limited to connecting to a blank screen, 0x0 resolution, or are unable to add virtual displays, it's likely the VDD has encountered an issue.

First, check to see if VDD has actually stopped working

  1. Open 'Device Manager'
  2. Check to see if there is a caution symbol on the VDD

If this is the case, try rebooting your host computer. If this does not fix the issue, you may try reinstalling the VDD. 

If the VDD does not have a caution symbol in 'Device Manager', and the virtual displays are visible in Windows 'Display Settings,' it's possible the monitor configuration on the host system isn't correct. Ensure that the VDD is set to 'Extend to this display'.

General resolution and scaling issues

You may need to adjust the resolution and scaling settings for the virtual displays on the host computer. Ensure resolution matches the client computer's resolution for best results. If multiple users share this machine, it may be best to set a static resolution in the 'Host' tab of the Parsec app settings - for example, 1920x1080.