Arcade was removed from the app on April 17th, 2023. In February, we added a warning to the top of the Arcade page in the app, announcing the plan to remove Arcade after April 15th. A few days after the deadline, on April 17th, Arcade was removed.

Our vision with Arcade was to build something that made sharing games between friends or your community as easy as possible, and the first version of Arcade was a big step in that direction, but as we feel the need to prioritize features and functionality that benefits a larger percentage of our users, we haven’t been able to give Arcade the attention needed to bring it out of Beta. This change of priority meant we couldn't focus on making the incremental improvements we needed for Arcade to flourish. 

Some of these included; more games supported, better moderation tools, filtering for region, better messaging and friend system… the list goes on. This meant that most people who tried to use Arcade didn't have a very good experience, or had to rely on a third party tool to make the hosting better.

We appreciate everyone who tried to use Arcade, and we hope you can continue to have a fun multiplayer experience by sharing your computer from the Computers tab.

For people looking to use Parsec with friends, you can use the Computers tab to share your entire screen, by either clicking the ‘Share’ button and sharing it with your friends, or adding them as a friend via Parsec. If you want to play with strangers, you can still share links to your computer with people in Discord communities that use Parsec. You can learn more about how to use the Computers tab with this guide.