Video editing, VFX, and Post-Production

Editors need a seamless experience, with perfect graphics, color accuracy, precise inputs, and a stable connection. We’ve got the settings that’ll be perfect for your work.

This video is specifically geared to artists, but many of the settings are valuable for video editing, VFX, and post-production too.

Recommended settings


Setting Value
Resolution 1920x1080 (1080p)
Bandwidth Limit 25+ Mbps (bandwidth split between clients)
FPS 60+


Setting Value
Renderer Direct3D 11 (Windows), Metal (macOS)
Decoder NVIDIA, AMD, or Hardware (macOS)
H.265 (HEVC) On
Constant FPS (in-stream setting) Off
Prefer 4:4:4 color (in-stream setting) On
Bandwidth limit (in-stream setting) 25+ Mbps