Add, Remove, and Manage Friends

The friends list is helpful when you want to make your computer available to friends, so they can connect to your computer for desktop control, and/or co-op gaming sessions. We highly recommend configuring Approved Apps, if you only intend to only allow friends to interact with certain applications. If you intend to allow friends to control your desktop, we recommend disabling Approved Apps. This article covers sending friend requests, accepting or declining a friend request, managing permissions, and removing friends. 

Add a friend

  • Click the 'Friends' icon.
  • Click 'Add Friend'


  • Type in your friend's username, or ID.
  • Click the 'Add Friend' icon.
    Search by username

Search by ID


Accept a friend request

Upon receiving a friend request, you will see a badge notification on the 'Friends' icon.

  • Click the 'Friends' icon.
  • Click 'View Friend Requests (n)'


  • Click 'Accept' or 'Decline' icon


Manage permissions

By default, new friends will only have 'Gamepad' permission assigned. You're able to assign additional permissions from the friend menu. Similarly, you're able to revoke existing permissions from friends.

  • Click on your friend's name in your 'Friends' list.
  • Delegate or revoke permissions.


Removing friends

  • Follow step 1 from previous section
  • Click 'Unfriend'