Join or Host an Arcade Game

Arcade is in beta, and only supports some DirectX 11, DX 9 and OpenGL titles. If you are getting errors and issues while using Arcade, please try the things contained in this article.

Parsec Arcade is our latest gaming feature that helps you play local, offline multiplayer and couch co-op games with your friends or strangers, online. It's also the go-to way to play with people from all around the world.

Please be aware that Arcade is in beta and it's possible you'll encounter issues hosting games, in addition to being unable to give full keyboard and mouse to guests for games that need it. Because of that, if you're playing with friends we recommend that you use the Computers tab for now. 

Host a game session in Arcade

Follow the steps below to host a private or public game in the Arcade:

  1. Launch the game you will be hosting
  2. Click the 'Arcade' tab in the Parsec app
  3. Click the icon of the game you will be hosting
  4. Configure hosting settings
  5. Click 'Start Hosting'
  6. (Optional) Adjust lobby and stream settings
  7. (Optional) Copy your share link and distribute to guest players

Input limitations

At the moment, guests can only use a controller or use the 'keyboard to controller' feature built in Arcade. If you're looking to give guests full control of the mouse and keyboard, consider adding them as a friend and using the Computers tab to stream the game for now.

Join an Arcade session

Simply click 'Settings', find a session, click 'Join' - That's it!