Using Wacom Tablets and Other Drawing Tablets

Pen support is available for Teams and Warp customers, which allows you to use Wacom tablets and others.

Clients can decide whether to use the drawing tablet with pressure, tilt and rotation (Windows Ink on Windows) or as a mouse. For that, turn on Enhanced Pen in the Parsec client settings, or press the hotkey (Ctrl + Shift + P by default) to toggle it on and off while connected.




  • Host: Windows 10 1809 or newer, or macOS Catalina 10.15 or newer
  • Client: Windows 8.1 or newer with a Windows Ink API tablet, or macOS El Capitan 10.11+ or newer


Windows-specific behavior

Your pen device driver on the client side (the device you use at home) needs to be set to use Windows Ink. If it is set to use Wintab, the drawing tablet will act as a mouse with no pressure sensitivity. For Wacom tablets, enable the option in Wacom's driver software. Once the setting is enabled, close the driver software then disconnect and reconnect your drawing tablet. Then, check that the setting is still applied in the software once you reconnected the tablet.

If you don't want Windows Ink active on all apps in the client (maybe it interferes with your artist workflow on the client device), Wacom lets you add a profile specific to Parsec with the plus button in "Application" (choose the path C:\Program Files\Parsec\parsecd.exe). Do this on the client device you use at home, as it'll have no effect if applied on the host side.


Keep in mind that no Wacom driver or software package is necessary on the host side, nor is it necessary to have a Wacom device connected physically on the host.


Pen support issues with certain applications

For the creative apps on the host (such as Photoshop) to receive pen inputs from the client, that app must support the Windows Ink API. If you're on a supported system and Enhanced Pen is enabled, then try to update your creative software to the latest version available from your creative software vendor (eg. upgrade from Photoshop CC 2016 to Photoshop CC 2021).