Using Wacom Tablets and Other Drawing Tablets

Pen support is available for Teams and Warp customers, which allows you to use Wacom tablets and others with support for pressure, tilt and rotation.



  • Host: Windows 10 1809 or newer, or macOS Catalina 10.15 or newer
  • Client: Windows 8.1 or newer with a Windows Ink or WinTab API tablet, or macOS El Capitan 10.11+ or newer


How to use

There are two different modes for the pen on Parsec, which you can change by going to your Parsec settings on the client, and turning Enhanced Pen On or Off:

  • Enhanced Pen On: Transfers pressure, tilt and rotation information to the host computer. On Windows hosts, Parsec will convert the pen to Windows Ink, which will result in your cursor switching to a dot/cross-hair
  • Enhanced Pen Off: Treats your pen as a normal mouse, useful for applications that don't support Windows Ink on Windows hosts, or when you simply don't need pressure, tilt and rotation. Your cursor will look like a normal arrow cursor


You can also switch the Enhanced Pen setting on the fly with a hotkey (Ctrl+Shift+P by default). Note that free users do not have the Enhanced Pen option, and the pen will always be treated as a normal mouse.

Altering tablet driver settings

You do not usually need to alter the tablet settings on the client or host to use Parsec. However, if you notice unusual behavior with your Wacom tablet on a Windows client when Enhanced Pen is turned off, please visit your Wacom tablet driver on your client and uncheck "Use Windows Ink" from the Pen Tool mapping menu, and restart Parsec. This and other issues will be fixed in Parsec version 150-84, which is slowly rolling out to users.



Windows-specific behavior

Support for WinTab on Windows clients

Starting at Parsec version 150-83, you can use your pen on the client side (the device you use at home) in both WinTab and Windows Ink mode to join a computer. This means you no longer have to select "Use Windows Ink" in your Wacom tablet settings for it to work as a pen. If you are not interested in using pressure, tilt and rotation and want to keep the previous behavior, simply turn off Enhanced Pen in the Parsec settings.

Invisible cursor when using the pen

If you have "Show cursor" disabled on your host's operating system Windows Ink settings, Parsec will not have a cursor to show to you. Either re-enable this option on your Windows settings, or turn off Enhanced Pen on Parsec for it to treat the pen as a normal mouse.

Pen issues with certain applications on the host

For the creative apps on Windows hosts (such as Photoshop) to receive pen inputs from the client, that app must support the Windows Ink API. If you're on a supported system and Enhanced Pen is enabled:

  • Try to update your creative software to the latest version available from your creative software vendor (eg. upgrade from Photoshop CC 2016 to Photoshop CC 2021)
  • In some apps, you may need to tweak additional settings for the app to accept Windows Ink input. Although Photoshop accepts it by default in newer versions, Zbrush for example has multiple API options, and the default one does not accept Windows Ink