VDD Advanced Configuration

This page lists any advanced configuration that is possible with the virtual display driver currently.


Custom resolutions

Starting in driver version 0.37, you can add up to 5 custom resolutions to the display via the Windows Registry Editor. Each resolution definition must be added to the path below.


Each custom resolution should be in its own folder, with the folder name going from 0 to 4. In case those folders (keys) and values are not there, create them manually yourself by right clicking and going to 'New', then 'Key' or 'DWORD'.

Each definition must contain 3 DWORD values: width, height and hz (frequency). An example of the format being done correctly is shown below.


Because registry DWORD values are hexadecimal, when adding each value it is helpful to select the radio button to 'Decimal' so you can type the value normally. 


In order to apply the resolution, you must disconnect and reconnect to the host with virtual displays enabled. The resolutions will be available to be selected from the Windows display settings, but can also apply if "Use client resolution" is used on the host settings and a client with the same resolution joins.

Note that Parsec currently only supports streaming resolutions up to 3840x2160.