Accept a Guest Access Invitation

If you are invited to access a computer through 'Guest Access', follow the steps below to accept the invitation and join the session:

  1. Install and login to the Parsec app on your computer.
    • If you do not have account, you will need to sign up before joining.
    • It is possible to use our web application to connect to a 'Guest Access' session.
  2. Check your email, you should have an email from Parsec with your invitation.
    • Check your spam folder if you do not see the invitation email
  3. Click 'Connect to <event name>'
  4. Click 'Join Now'
    • If you have the Parsec app installed and you're logged in with the same account that received the invitation, the session will launch using the local Parsec app. Alternatively, the session will be launched in the web app.