Configure App-Level HTTP Proxy

Some organizations may choose to configure the Parsec app to use a specific proxy in their environment, instead of the system level proxy. This functionality is available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux machines and requires Parsec app version 150-82 or greater. When configured, this proxy will be used for all requests made to Parsec’s HTTP and WebSocket APIs.

The following key/value pairs are accepted:

app_proxy - Enable app-level proxy. Value of 0 is disabled. Value of 1 is enabled.

app_proxy_address - Hostname or IP address of proxy.

app_proxy_port - Proxy server port (optional). Will default to port 443.

app_proxy_path - Proxy path parameter (optional). Must contain leading forward slash - "/".

app_proxy_scheme - http or https proxy.

Configure app-level HTTP proxy

  • Open the Parsec app configuration file.
  • Input key/value pairs described above.
  • Save the configuration file.
  • Restart the Parsec app from system tray.


app_proxy = 1
app_proxy_address =
app_proxy_port = 8443
app_proxy_path = /someProxyPath
app_proxy_scheme = https