Error Codes - 1406 (Arcade's attempt to capture the game timed out)

This error happens when Arcade timed out when attempting to host a game, or the game closed before hosting succeeded. Possible reasons for a timeout include:

  • The game isn't running yet, or you're trying to host something that isn't a game. Make sure that you're not attempting to host a game launcher instead of the game itself. Arcade has not been made to host things that aren't games
  • Some programs that interact with the game files or produce an in-game overlay (ignoring Steam) may prevent Parsec from hosting correctly, such as MSIAfterburner, Rivatuner, OBS (using game capture mode), or similar. Try disabling overlays or closing the programs before starting the game and attempting to host
  • You did not click into the game window. Whenever you click to start hosting, go into the game you're trying to host right away
  • The game is running in an unsupported renderer. If your game or emulator lets you switch the renderer in its settings, try to switch the renderer to either OpenGL, Direct3D 9, 11 or 12, then restart the game and host it again. Arcade does not support Vulkan
    • CemuOptions > General settings > Graphics > Graphics API: OpenGL
    • Dolphin: Options > Graphics Settings > Renderer: Direct3D 11
    • PCSX2: Config > Video > Plugin Settings > Renderer: Try Direct3D 11 or OpenGL
    • Project64Ctrl + T > Plugins > Video plugin: Glide64
    • RPCS3: Configuration > GPU > Renderer: OpenGL. Some settings in the same place like 'Multithreaded RSX' may need to be disabled and 'Strict Rendering' may need to be enabled so Arcade works
    • Yuzu: Emulation > Configure > Graphics > API: OpenGL
    • Retroarch: Settings > Video > Output > Video: gl

If you continue having issues, you can also use the Computers tab with friends, which does not have the same limitations as Arcade.