Idle Kick Timer

The Idle Kick Timer option sets the number of minutes after which an idle client connected the computer gets kicked. Idle time is the time since the last button, keyboard or pen input. You can turn off this feature completely by setting the minutes to 0.


How to configure

Follow the steps below to adjust the setting for a single host computer. Team customers can also set this as an App Rule in the Teams admin panel.

  • On the Parsec app, click the 'Settings' icon
  • Click the 'Host' tab
  • Find the 'Idle Kick Timer' setting, set the number of minutes you want



What counts as client activity

Only button and keyboard presses, or pen input counts as activity. Parsec ignores things like the moving the mouse around but not clicking, or moving a gamepad analog stick or analog triggers but not pressing digital buttons. This is because there can be minor fluctuations in these movements that are not necessarily caused by the user.