Try Preview Versions of Parsec

You can now try preview versions of Parsec in order to validate these updates for your environment.  

Typically Parsec will release an update to consumer users 1-2 weeks before we update our Teams and Enterprise customers, which helps us gather feedback for a release without interrupting our Team or Enterprise customers' production environments.

If you would also like to validate this update for your environment, you can enable this setting in the app rules section of your Admin Dashboard. Please note that after enabling this option, you will need to restart the Parsec app on the applicable machines in order for the update to take effect immediately.




Preview versions of Parsec have passed our internal QA, but due to the vast amount of system configurations our customers use, there still may be bugs or instability.  While we do not recommend enabling this setting for business critical groups, we do recommend testing in a limited capacity in your production environment. These preview builds may also have features enabled that are not compatible with the release version of Parsec, so you may want to ensure both the host and client are running the preview version where possible.

If you do notice a bug or negative change, please report it to support and state that the issue is related to the preview, while also including the build version visible on the top right of the Parsec app settings menu.