Swap Command and Ctrl for MacOS

When making connections between Windows and macOS, the key mapping is not 1:1 by default. You will find that the following is how Parsec maps these three keys by default:

macOS Windows
Control Ctrl
Option Alt
Command Windows key

For example, the hotkey to copy text is Command+C on macOS and Ctrl+C on Windows. But, attempting to press these will result in some unrelated action to copying text:

  • macOS connecting to a Windows host: Pressing Command+C will trigger Windows key+C on the host
  • Windows connecting to a macOS host: Pressing Ctrl+C will trigger Control+C on the host

If you find this behavior confusing, we have a setting to make it so Command goes to Ctrl, and Control goes to Windows key, which you can activate on your client with the steps below.


How to swap Command and Ctrl

  • Click on the 'Settings' cog
  • Click the 'Client' tab
  • Set 'Swap Command and Ctrl for MacOS' to 'On'