Swap Command and Ctrl for MacOS

By default, when connecting to a Windows host from a MacOS client, key mapping is not 1:1 - 'Command' is interpreted as 'Windows key', 'Control' as 'Ctrl', and 'Command' as 'Alt'. As a result, certain macOS key combinations do not translate to the expected action on the host computer - 'Command + c' for copy is interpreted as 'Windows key + c' on the host, which is not the key combination for copy in Windows.

The 'Command' key can be swapped to 'Ctrl' from 'Windows key' so that certain macOS key combinations translate correctly on the Windows host. To swap 'Command' from 'Windows key' to 'Ctrl' follow the steps below:

  • Click on the 'Settings' cog.
  • On the 'Client' tab, set 'Swap Command and Ctrl for MacOS' to 'On'.