Multiple Monitors and Virtual Displays

"Add Screens" is an option available for Teams and Warp customers. It opens up additional windows to view up to 3 displays from the same host computer at once.

Keep in mind that normally you need to join the computer using the same account as the host for the feature to show up. The exception is that this isn't necessary for Team customers using Team Computers.

Your host computer needs at least two displays connected, with the screens set to the "Extend" mode in the OS settings, for the option to show up. You will not see the option if the host screens are set to "Mirrored" or "Duplicate" mode.


You can change the bandwidth, resolution, chroma settings, and frame rates per screen at any time by using the Parsec overlay in that display. That makes it easy to have one screen set up perfectly for your IDE while another is set up for gameplay.

To add a display to your Parsec session, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Parsec icon in your session window
  2. Highlight 'Add Screens'.
  3. Select screen to add.


Virtual displays

Virtual Displays is a feature available for Teams and Warp customers that lets you add up to 3 additional virtual displays to the host while connecting to a machine you own through Parsec. The virtual displays show up along with your current physical displays. If the host system has no physical displays attached, Parsec's virtual displays will allow you to connect to the host without requiring an HDMI or Displayport dongle. If your host is running Windows, you'll need to install the Virtual Display Driver to enable virtual displays. Teams customers can enforce virtual display settings from the Teams admin portal, globally, or by group.


Host Minimum
Windows Windows 10 1607 or newer
MacOS MacOS 10.15 or newer

Configure - Windows

  1. Install the Virtual Display Driver
  2. In the 'Host' tab of the Parsec app settings, select the number of virtual displays you would like to enable.

Configure - MacOS

  1. In the 'Host' tab of the Parsec app settings, select the number of virtual displays you would like to enable.